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Drycleaners Directory is a home to all the information related to drycleaners in India. This is one of its kind online directory where information searchers can locate the drycleaners, raw material providers, machinery and equipment manufacturers and distributors and other information related to drycleaning industry in India.

Over the years, there has been a paradigm shift in the sources of information that people explore to fetch information they need. People find traditional sources like physical directories and yellow pages as ineffective and depend more on online searches. When asked, they reply that with the advent of search engines like Google, Yahoo etc and online directories it is much easier and quicker to search information on the internet as compared to getting a hand on physical directory.

As per a recent study, there are more than one trillion  internet users in world and India is amongst the fastest growing counties in this domain with more than 51 million active internet users.

This shift in trend in searching the sources of information calls for dynamic web directory for Indian Drycleaning Industry where the buyers and sellers, information seekers and providers, service providers and consumers can touch base under one roof. The Dry Cleaners Directory is the gateway to all such information related to dry cleaning industry in India. This web directory hosts the most comprehensive list of dry cleaning related resources on the internet.

  • Associations
  • Suppliers – Chemicals, Poly, anything you might need to run your plant.
  • Equipment vendors – All the OEM’s and the local manufacturers.
  • Point of Sale software and systems
  • Web Designers
  • E-mail marketing
  • Other dry cleaners in the neighborhood, city, state or country

This directory can also help the users in case they are looking for:

  • Dry Cleaning Plants For Sale
  • Equipment wanted
  • Equipment for Sale
  • Jobs Listings
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Web Design Services

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